About Us

The scenic western ghats with their signature dark soil contrasting with lush greenery and occasional waterfalls it was an organic journey for our founders to start Manchar Farms.

‘The stage was set’

The meaning of Manchar in Marathi means “stage” and it exactly acted as that when our founders who had decided to quit their corporate jobs to create an organization that would in turn passionately deliver pure and fresh products that offered long term health benefits began their “A2 desi Cow Milk’ startup.

Manchar Farms started when the problem of sourcing pure and unadulterated milk was becoming prevalent and seeing that dairy is the primary staple of every household in India the team moved forward to deliver natural, pure and unadulterated milk in Pune.

As people are looking for ways to improve their diet and nutrition Manchar Farms was born. The farm has freely grazing desi cows unhindered by any hormone or antibiotics which are grass fed and taken care of happily along with their calves playing around. In fact the calves are always fed first and only the remaining milk is milked by hand and delivered fresh within 24 hours of milking to our customer’s doorstep.


Why Manchar Farms?

Spread over acres of land about 60 kms from Pune on the way to Nashik, the scenic piece of land is able to comfortably raise more than 500 cows. Manchar with its local Kathiyawadi community is aparadise for cattle and we cant stop talking about how well the cows and their calves are taken care of irrespective of their milking age.

We strongly believe that our cows chill better than us, it has got comfortable and hygienic barns with high roofs to keep them cool and airy even during summers, in fact we take care that their local sand is got from the Gir region to make them feel more homely. We trust that we treat our cows as family. It’s a lot of effort but it pays of when you can almost see the cows and the calves smile at us in love. Also we believe that this is where our milk gets an extra ingredient, love from our cows as well!

The Feed & The Fodder

Gir Cows

What do happy cows eat?

Organic inhouse grown greens and fodder made especially for them (remember they are moody so metimes) at the farm itself. We always make sure that their food is free from any kind of chemicals and is closest to their natural habitat.

Manual Milking

Our cows are quite the drama queens and are particular of who is milking them, hence the calves are fed first early in the morning and only after they are satisfied is when the cows are milked manually to avoid any pain or inconvenience that machine milking could put them against. The fresh milk is chilled to 4º c immediately. This process preserves the milk and keeps the nutrients of the milk intact. The process destroys bacteria immediately and is essential in maintaining milk quality & taste.


The chilled milk is then pasteurised at a temperature of 63º c which makes it safe to drink without the need to boil it.

Delivering Freshness

The fresh milk is delivered to your homes within hours of milking. Our advanced delivery process ensures that the milk is good up until the last drop after it reaches you.

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Manchar Farms offers A2 Desi Cow Milk, A2 Desi Cow Ghee delivered fresh in Pune and Mumbai.