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Organic Cow Milk/ Food

In the day-to-day life, we hear about Organic Cow Milk and Food becoming more prevalent than ever before. Thus our elder generations say, “This all was not available in our generation,”. Products sold with the Organic label weren’t available. Yes, they are right, but how? Why? So many questions are swirling in your head. Right?

Life and Soil on this Earth 2/3 decades back was different. The use of fertilizers, pesticides and modified/hybrid varieties of seeds started in the early 1960s to increase the need of the growing population. But the effects and consequences are showing up now these days. We hear even small kids are having diseases like diabetes and people dying at a very young age of heart attack.

In today’s modernized world, we must address this major problem. The increasing amount of pollution in the environment and in the foods we eat daily is affecting our bodies in a variety of ways. The food we eat today contains a wide range of harmful chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Organic food i.e., natural foods without synthetic additives or synthetic ingredients can save us.

Organic farming and Organic Practices does require more effort – time, discipline, and awareness. We can incentivize farmers to adopt best practices by wisely choosing organic products in increasing amounts. This will help them to drive organic farming in a big way. In addition, it will improve our health and build our immunity.

Our Organic Cow milk Journey

MancharFarms team always wanted to be a source that could provide pure and natural products to your kitchen without harming any animal in the process. This is how MancharFarms began its journey with the vision to provide pure unadulterated Milk/ Organic Cow Milk to every household.

Giving is the only way of receiving. Taking good care of Cows and providing them a stress free open environment is our top most priority. This ensures Organic Cow milk delivered is of best Quality. We have not only grown and build trust over the years but also have made a special place in our customer’s hearts. We understand that eating right is the only way to remain healthy for years to come.

Desi Cow Milk is referred to as a complete meal. Thus there is a special mention of Cow as Gomata/ mother in our Scriptures. Not only Milk but everything that Cow gives us has nutritional and medicinal value.
Blend of five products obtained from cow which is also known as Panchgavya in Sanskrit holds an important place in Ayurvedic medicine. It is basically a combination of cow’s dung, urine (Go Mutra), milk, curd and ghee. It not only heals one’s body but also lifts up depressed mental states thereby providing positivity, longevity and magnetic charisma. Due to such benefits of Panchgavya, it is often called as a divine elixir by Ayurvedacharyas. The use of cow derived products has been mentioned in the Vedas and various researchers and scientists have found them to be rich source of essential elements as well as minerals and hormones.

Enjoy your life and celebrate it with Us.