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Should pregnant ladies drink A2 milk?A2 Desi Cow Milk in Mumbai | Milk Delivery

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During pregnancy, a lot of emotional, physical & hormonal changes go through a woman’s body. In spite of her cravings, she should take care of what food and nutrients is she taking in. Their weight increases and by the time they give birth to an infant, their blood volume increases up to 60%. A few questions which regularly bother the ladies include the growth of the fetus, what diet to take, and whether they should exercise or not. An intake of an adequate amount of calcium is essential during pregnancy. Calcium keeps your bones and teeth healthy and helps the baby to develop his or hers. If your calcium intake is inadequate, your body takes the calcium baby needs from your bones. Milk is a rich source of calcium. Recent studies reveal that women who are pregnant, require around 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium each day. But the question is what kind of milk you should be drinking. Research shows that milk from desi Gir cows with a different kind of protein called A2 is not only nutritious but also easier to digest.

Despite the physical appearance of the mother she must consume at least 3 cups of Gir cow milk per day. It helps to grow the baby’s health & IQ. By Drinking A2 Gir cow milk the lady as well as the baby to get complete nutrition. Desi cow milk helps the pregnant women to stay hydrated and even the milk helps them to make up for their fluid loss. Also by drinking A2 milk the problem of heartburns and other gastric problems are solved A2 milk is also very essential for newborns & kids. A survey found that the babies whose mothers drank A2 milk during their pregnancy weighed more when compared to other babies. Also, the growth of these babies is faster than the other kids.

Few studies have also proved that those mothers who had Desi cow milk during pregnancy, the benefits did not stop at the gestation period but it is passed on to the child even during their adulthood.

Hence doctors & nutritionists suggest A2 milk of Desi cows for complete nutrition for pregnant ladies as it is very healthy for both mother as well as the baby.

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